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Experience the story of Sundbåten

Sundbåten was established in 1876 and is one of the worlds oldest transport companies that still has vehicles in use. In this way, Sundbåten represents a special part of Kristiansunds history and is important to the people living here.

Ikon - bølger

On the dock

See the maritime part of the city and the old shipyard Mellemverftet in Vågen, the old town Innlandet, the oil base at Nordlandet and a pulsing dock with industry, companies and housing put together. See all the sights and hear the story of the town from a local historian.

Duartion: 1 h, 30 min.

Ikon - bølger

Custom sightseeing solutions

You can choose to join a guided tour of the port on a normal route. One trip takes about 20 minutes, two trips take around 40 minutes.

You can also choose to travel from island to island and get a tour of the city along the way.

On demand


Coffee and svele (raised pancakes)


Clip fish snacks and refreshments


Local food

Our boats

MS "Angvik" fra 2005

  • From 2005 
  • Capacity: 70 people.  
  • Equipped with: microphone, modern furnishing, AV-equipment and sun deck.

MS "Framnæs" fra 2012

  • From 2012 
  • Capacity: 47 people. 
  • Equipped with: microphone, traditional furnishings in wood/teak.

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