Whats`s on

Welcome on board.
Please note that we do not accept any credit cards. Please pay with cash NOK.
Take a round trip with us, it takes aprox 20 minutes.

Day pass:
We recommend our day pass NOK 100. Travel as much as you like all day and get
on and off at the islands.

One way ticket:
Ordinary tickets “one way” NOK 35, is valid to the island you choose to get off
OR one round trip, “stay on board”. Round trip aprox 20 minutes.

 Guided harbour sightseeing in the summer. 2019 dates will be published later.
Only for sale online sundbaten.no and T-info.

Buy tickets:
On board cash NOK (SMS and VIPPS Norwegian phone only).
Tourist info (summer) cash or card

Online booking, www.sundbaten.no

Cash point: (if you stand at The Piren/Kirkelandet)
Nearest ATM at Kirkelandet, up the road and second road left (DNB).

Enjoy your harbour sightseeing!